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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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tick. go to while there's still time. . >> commissioner. i'll call roll. >> thank you. >> commissioner pating commissioner shlain commissioner fung commissioner karshmer and i'm going to walk to the podium and on up the letter to read dr. charles letter. >> the president oh, the president of the commission edward cow is not able to be here asked me to read the letter on your a lot of oar i'm sure you're aware of the general hospital has been trying to pay for equipment for the new san francisco general hospital i was overjoyed to learn that in addition to millions of there's to deity we've received a pledge
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off $35000 for the campaign that credible check will have a major book on the patience will allow the how hospital to be better than we imagined and every person in san francisco deserves access to the highest quality of health care regardless of status this is the largest donation and i believe will lead to future a 0 opportunity for partnerships supporting our community in honor i'm proud to add a doctor's name to our hospital and looking at to opening the mark zuckerberg hospital i believe the commission needs to move on the historic opportunity though i'm unable to attend i want to meet ones tuesday
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february 10th i would like to express my thanks to chang and mark zuckerberg and thoughtful i they've to the co-chairs and staff for they're a dedication and outstanding work. >> thank you, mark arrest i've been asked to chair this meeting today special meeting which was requested requested by c chaurl hesitate noted able to come he's ill and dr. chow has been chairing the joint conference meeting and i've served on that with him hearsay that continuum u yum of the announcements two doables with the mayor and our colleagues property owner to the guest of the city and county of san francisco to sf general and is foundation with that i'd
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like to follow our own agenda items that be will brief public comment. >> no public comment on this item. >> maybe. >> item 2 for - >> the 25th. >> the approval of the meetings of february 2015. >> is there a motion? >> move forward and seconds. >> additions, deletions, or changes if not i'll call for the question all in favor, say i. minutes of feedback february 3rd are hereby approved. >> next is the public comment i've received no public comment requests. >> please read the what we'll be voting on i'll share the commission is received not only the proposed resolution but the thing which i list really the due diligence and responsibility of both of the department of the hospital of the foundation of
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the city and county of visitacion valley silicon valley all involved in the collaboration and i'll make a few comments after the reading. >> you want me to read the item interest the agenda or the resolution. >> item had the gift acceptance and agreement conducting the resolution the commission will recommend that the board of supervisors receive the gift from the san francisco general hospital to fund the equipment for the zero hospital building and recommend the board of supervisors approve the gift that includes the gift for the priscilla and mark sdushlg beggar trauma center. >> additional comment. >> i move the acceptance of the resolution. >> second. >> commissioner and second final left to right there's a
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motion to accept and second before we have any discussion or votes with the commission well - willed i'd like to make a few comments project sponsor to this and this is a real it's an outstanding awesome experience many of us who have served in the city on different commissions over the years this guess also a very, very special occasion in many ways of significance because i think it involves our new generations of san franciscans as they come to some of us go back several generations a reaffirm of the care and the changing academic issues and quality of care issues effecting self-general hospital the fact this foundation was started in 1992,
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44 raised one hundred million dollars in times we could have lost that safety net is unharder at this point in time again through collaboration of our foundation and readsers within the foundation and directors and staff and the duplicating and directors barbara sue at the hospital, and our colleagues is really significant i'll mention this see had it not been from the additional san franciscans at large naming jim joseph from washington a lot of those things might not have been brought to fruition i want to mention lewis if they had not gone forward
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wouldn't not be there naming laguna honda i'd like to ask our director and then we'll have our speakers who would like to call on to 0 make comments. >> this is an incredible day thank you. the during the course berries for the donation and to acknowledge of the formulation for their incredible work and i'm sure you're aware of our city hospital has done an incredible job of dominions raising we have a couple offer speakers tony from the mayor's office and wanted him to come and say a couple of words and from there, i said to acknowledge you talked about some lawyers we had the city attorney lawyers i want to mention medina and jessie smith
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as well and so with that, commissioners again, thank you to the zuckerberg and the foundation mr. whitaker if you want to say a few words on behalf of the mayor. >> sure madam director thank you commissioners i don't think tony whitaker office of the mayor, i can't echo dr. accentuateds words thank you for your your speedy item when mayor ed lee and in his state of public safety address talked about the agenda of shared prosperity where people of every background regardless of san franciscans can raise through the innovation this is a wonderful thing this work that the doctors and staff and nurses do everyday it's incredible time for our city and
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the mayors deeply perceptive of this easy foreperson following your action will be introduced the resolution to accept the gift as well and again following our ax building 9 of the supervisors have signed on as co-sponsors thank you, again. >> just to note inform julie is in the audience as well and the city attorney that led the process so bring sue up from the hospital i think a tremendous job of leading the foundation to the direction find where we need to go in order to fund a new hospital she's been an incredible job of the leading the foundation through this process so thank you sue and please come forward. >> thank you, director garcia and good afternoon to the commissions it's really an
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xrierld display for san francisco general hospital as the only trauma center we provide care to everybody no matter who you are and we really are so they've for the extraordinary gift from mr. zuckerberg and dr. chang it is going to transform a hearsay hospital and serve our patients better dr. chang understands the example era work and mission and part of the general family for the years and as a nurse and ceo of san francisco general, i understand this transformative gift really means it's a game changer as said earlier zuckerberg's are bringing our council caption forward and
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joining the donors and community make sure our patients get access to the same life saving environment and investment that any patient deserves in the city we're thankful the foundations has been an outstanding york connie is here representing the foundation board i want to thank larry and pam bear and richard and judy who chaired the campaign you're looking at the resolution of gifts from other donors as well as the zuckerberg's on behalf of the hospital and the patient and the community to really thank the zuckerberg's and all the donors for their generosity in helping us to really plan for the future and how we care for our patients
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i'd like i'd like to introduce amanda the executive director of the foundations who is going to say a few words. >> thank you. >> thank you sue and thank you, commissioners for your strong support today. through the rebuild the city is creating a 21st century hospital that will have the equipment and facilities it needs to continue to position the general as a leader in trauma care both nationally and globally this transform from 0 gift from mr. zuckerberg and dr. chang we know that the general is the heart of the city we're incredibly they've to the zuckerberg's to make this outstanding investment that signals the importance the leaders in public health we as a
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foundation supports the mission of the general know that private philanthropic is so crucial to the longevity of the public health in general capital campaign our foundation spear headed no naivete was to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote ambition and unprecedent effort from the beginning the zuckerberg's have- with the exceptional attraction from the zuckerberg's as well as support from the numbers of the numbers we have the cognizance to seek the proper funding for needs now and for the future of the general we're so happen to be her and the gratitude to all of i as well as the zuckerberg's for their incredible investment >> we're going to have greg
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wagner to come up about the financial. >> just a briefly commissioners greg cfo you have a resolution before you we're requesting our approval the resolution has two component of recommendations that the board of supervisors take a substance action to accept the gift of $57 million 3 hundred and 75 thousand dollars as others mentioned that includes is portion of the gift from the zuckerberg's and $25 million of tricks from other donors it's a tremendous thing for us to be able to move the procurement of sf forward for the hospital and the second component is also recommending the board of supervisors approve the attached gift agreement which outlines the terms and conditions between
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the city and the foundation for how the public exchange of gift funds will be handled i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. or others thank you. >> thank you, greg. >> i'll note no public comment requests. >> okay. he want to make would be small comment in reference to the amount of time and energy in the protocols to get this where it is now the member of the foundation i think all the treaties got a call roughly either wednesday or thursday to check in at zero 8 hundred we are going to have an important, important item we need the vote and everybody participate many of us sat on many, many commissioners over the years this was the first time because
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we have a chair who got us all there and every single untruths checked in we have 21 people you can't believe this is the second phase as we move forward we've got the other phases it really gets testimony to the fact that you know everybody's involved in this institution as and move forward larry bear made extreme comments excellent comments about the entity this is the quality of care we get one level of care that's the way 70 general has always been and was move into the exchanges and hold shift in reference to financing the mission and the dignity and respect that all patients get through through our community
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and hospitals and our foundations and through our commission and through our department of public health we're all part find why we're san franciscans we thank everybody involved in the process with that is there a motion and a second we want to thank everybody involved here during this whole process and also the formulation has been involved in the whole mission at this point in time i'm going to ask for a role call and vote this out. >> if i could note even though commissioners are not here they sent support for the initiative. >> and the director as part of the record. >> so commissioner pating. >> at this point there's a call for the question. >> oh, yes. i'm sorry i thought. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? abstained hereby approve this
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by the health commission >> (clapping.) great. >> we have a few more items duo to go through quickly. >> we have one more item. >> i wanted to say yeah. this is incredible work and i'm very proud to be a san franciscan thank you. >> i'd like to ditto those comments to be like a san franciscan this is like winning the world series of public health department the commenting commitment to the city and county of san francisco and the general hospital foundation and in particular dr. priscilla chang and mr. zuckerberg we have one the finest hospitals in the country and certainly the newest public hospital and excellent, excellent research so again,
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thank you for bringing home this. >> very good. >> just so you want to make a comment. >> i'm going to comment on this generous gift from dr. chin and mr. zuckerberg it really attest to how we do business here in san francisco and really to see the generosity of this gift you know to invest in our public health system for to maintain a public hospital of the city to be one of the stacking facilities on a personal level i've been to san francisco general hospital twice awhile i didn't know what the health and safety was is gave 4 extra months to my grandfather to
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visit highway children and grandchildren those are the gift that mean a lot not only to me, you but to who have benefited from the state of the art center this gift will continue that legacy we've put forward for the city and i'm really hardened to see that on the other hand i want to share something you you know that any heart is really happy i actually participated in a die in in front of city hall because as of today for 2014 we have 6 women of color murdered in the united states one per week and 80 two weeks ago it was one of our own in san francisco in the boyfriend her name is tosha she's a client with the
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department of public health and been struggling with housing with a gift it's not just about building our 3ub9 facilities but really renewing our faith we don't take life for granted here ♪ city no matter what class or thatful income level or background you come from with that i'm willing to ask dr. accentuated to give us a moment of silence to journey to remember this transgender woman who's life might not that have been not taken because violence and violence prevention is a public health issue >> pause for a moment of silence first please.
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>> thank you that's violence and level one trauma center will continue to thrive and how were you outline those who cross our doors with the hoist quality of care unfortunately, many times it doesn't have a positive outcome but we know that they're at the right place we'll continue inform mission is there a motion to adjourn. >> actually commissioners i need to walk you through an agenda item 5 new business if not we'll move on. >> the joint conference committees. >> no joint conference reports
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next committee agenda setting and if you all have no comments we'll move to adjournment. >> if not we'll move to adjournment. >> motion to adjourn. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we're hereby adjourned thank you training so good evening, everyone everyone happy new year. >> happy new year. >> my name is richard carranza i'm honored to serve at san
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francisco skwufth and on behalf of off all of us i extend a cordial welcome and begin this earning presentation and this earners ceremony with the presentation of colors by the gallow junior officer reserve training i'd like to ask everyone to stand for the pledge of allegiance and continue to stand for our national anthem. >> if you have taps we'll do taps taps. >> march halt present arms. >> is thank you at this moment we're very, very honored to be
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call forward a tenth grade student tb the academy of art ms. lalia is a month for the singing of our national anthem (clapping.) (clapping.) >> oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
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o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? (clapping) (clapping) ladies and gentlemen you may be
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seated and if you take our seats one more lobster u how about a round of applause for lalia (clapping) i'd like for us to recognize the presentation of the color of slides the gallow honor of arts thank you (clapping.) ladies and gentlemen, this is truly one the nights we all look forward to when we get to install to the board of education our commissioners always a is a lead of january 9, 2015 is he there's no more important than the representation of the people and no where than the board of education so those are some of the hard working individuals and some the dedicated individual yet they do this for practical
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free ; right? >> right. >> right but they do this because they have an inbefore i would and passionate commitment to the students and the future generation of this school so this is a very important evening for us and we are so honored that you joined us in evening for this installation of our commissions before we start i want to reintroduce for our pleasure the school art band under the direction of one individual and we're going to start this evening off with some music i'd like for all of us so sit back and be comfortable if
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you feel like tapping our toe this is allowable and dancing that's allowable but more than anything enjoy the wonderful sounds of the students as they start the installation with music ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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